Airline tickets for the busy traveller

Today, people prefer to use their own modes of transports for two reasons. One is because they are cheaper. The second is that in a public transport system like an aircraft, there is a lot interaction with different people which puts a lot of stress on the traveler. And of course an air ticket is not much affordable to everyone! Let us put things in a different perspective. The days of the bullock cart have long since passed over the horizons. If the tiger is on the endangered species list today, the bullock is following somewhere close behind. The travel ticket for these ‘passengers’ will soon close permanently, hopefully.

The heat is on the traveler who wants to get to his destination as fast as possible. And here are a plethora of people who want him to travel! This list includes the travel booking agents, the hotel people who host the stay of these people, and the agents who negotiate with the cabs and the tour operators and the Airlines who are providing the airline ticket for each traveler. More the number of people who travel, the bigger are the benefit for all these people.

You will find some of the people enjoy these modes of public transport because they allow them to mingle with other people and exchange stories as it were. These are mainly tourists or sightseers and contribute to the overall picture in their unique way. The sensible traveler would always look for the cheapest flights and try to get the best value for his money.

The average cost of stay for the average traveler would range from a couple of $234 to anything like $2,430 per night. The cost of travel would be averaging out at $4 per kilometer. Road travel does work out much cheaper. If you were to travel by road and the cost works out to $3938, the air ticket would cost you $35,926. People opt for group tours for the same reason. The cost factors reduce drastically when more people join the group. It is why tour agents survive and why you will be able to get yourself a better deal if you were to approach a transport or hotel at a tourist destination directly.

Airline ticket promises you one thing. You will be transported to the destination of your choice within the stipulated time! Now with the competition increasing among the airlines, tour operators and agents are offering deals which are considerably less than what you would ordinarily have to pay for the same service.

Virgin Airlines and Delta Airlines are amongst the most popular choices of the day with those who are seeking the cheapest flights. Regular travelers often get privileges like a choice of seats and discounted fares. This does not mean you should not utilize the services of an agent to get your airline ticket. He would be aware of deals which are much cheaper and would never have come to your knowledge. If you are planning on an extended stay, try to get a package deal which will offer discounts on the hotel stay, in addition to the offers on tour packages of the place.