Getting the ticket for your air trip

In today’s busy world, where each minute and moment is considered precious, people are constantly on the move. The jetsetters have to skim the skies, sometimes several times a day. They face several hurdles on the route to their destination. In olden times, getting the airline ticket was a procedure which involved two to three days of preparation. One had to go to the airport, find which air service was available, and then get the air ticket confirmed, before the departure date. But during this time, it wasn’t possible to say how good the flight would be or even that their luggage would reach the destination safely! Even today, this happens, and this is not only the plight of people who are travelling on the cheapest flights. It can also happen due to the congestion at the airports.

There have been changes since the days of the operation of single carrier agents within a specific area. Today, there are high end carriers like Gulf Air and also other cheaper operators, such as JetBlue Airways, which offer the common man, a means of commuting at a cost which he will be able to afford.

There are many intricate parts attached to air travel which often escapes the notice of the ordinary person. The agent who books the travel ticket on behalf of the customer, often work in tandem with the hotel industry. After all, the people need a place to stay when they reach their destination. The airline ticket will prove cheaper if one were to keep oneself open for such deals.

The agents often offer you a selection of hotels. These hotels will have several attractions like swimming pools, proximity to prime locations, easy approach to bus terminals and other in-house facilities like Jacuzzis and bars. The luxury of the hotels depends on the tourists and the cash they are ready to spend. They usually have tie-ups with the travel agents and in some cases with the airlines themselves, to offer lucrative discounts for the travelers. Since there are a number of hotels and a larger number of agents on the job, one will have no difficulty at all finding deals which are very cheap.

Get your air ticket after you compare the prices with several agents. Also make it a point to travel always with only one airline. The airlines provide special discounts on the airline ticket and special service like the choice of seats and drinks on the flight, for people who are their regular customers. Moreover, you will come to know about the quality of service once you try them out. Even if you are utilizing the cheapest flights, if you find that they are dependable, it is better to stick with them. Of course travelling in our car or by train is always cheaper. Road travel sometimes costs only 1/10th that of the airline ticket. But a person who is in a hurry to get to his destination will have to fly. Utilizing the package discounts will give you a choice of the airlines and the choice of the hotel where you are going to stay, well in advance. And once you are able to develop a rapport with the travel agent, he will get you deals which are real cheap!